Well, should the terrorists don’t get us the forms surely will. Form of jogs my memory of “Hitchhiker’s Tutorial into the Galaxy” once i give it some thought. Lately, our neighborhood newspaper observed that the airport below was putting inside a 25-foot higher security fence all over the perimeter of your airport, but why? So, not one person climbs in excess of, or if they do, they are going to be head and shoulders higher than the neighborhood Yucca Tree inhabitants and thus, be found bigfoot through the Air Traffic Manage personnel in between shorter naps? Very seriously, our airport is not that hectic right here. All right so, let’s converse.

The Desert Sunshine ran an image to the front web site that has a caption; Palm Springs Airport receives 25-foot Tall Fence,” along with the photographer was just in a position to secure a private jet landing in the background, I ponder how long he had to wait for that exceptional photo-op shot? Like I reported it’s not that occupied at Palm Springs Airport. On June 7, 2012 the paper ran a short 400 phrase posting titled; “Palm Springs Intercontinental Airport replaces fencing,” created by Blake Herzog conveying that it absolutely was resulting from Office of Homeland Protection updates.

In my humble opinion and like a taxpayer, I’d say; that is a waste of money, but as being a pilot, I would say it’s truly dangerous. You see, aircraft that get into difficulties and crash generally have difficulties in close proximity to and all-around the airport for the duration of takeoff and landings. So, if the engine quits on take-off, or perhaps the plane is in issues trying to make the airport, the DHS wants to make certain there may be a single past hurdle and barrier to acquire in excess of – nicely, many thanks quite a bit, I say.

Look, here is my point. If we wish to avoid terrorist acts, why don’t you set in a much more strong protection at our borders with Mexico? That are we seeking to preserve out of the airport – Bigfoot? If anyone can climb over and 8 or ten foot chain-link fence, then definitely they are able to climb over a single that’s twenty five foot tall. Of course, there may be a better possibility they could twist their ankle coming down the opposite facet, and it does provide more deterrence, but can it be really making us any safer?

After we examine the expense, along with the threat to mild aircraft, it just would make no perception. We do not allow for structures on the stop of the runway that are twenty five feet significant, so why are we placing up a fence to capture every one of the low-flying planes? This isn’t an aircraft carrier, we barely have to have arresting wires. From time to time plainly paperwork is from handle, and throwing away money on matters that are plainly absurd. At some time we need to get some widespread sense again in the DHS, FAA, as well as the rest of our bureaucracy. Certainly I hope you might be sure to think about all of this and imagine on it.